Was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, UAE lived there for 13 years and moved to Goa, India in 2009. Sarcastic most of the time, passion for food, football, and video games, oh and coffee. Love watching almost any genre of movie and watch a lot of tv shows too. Perfume and Pizza is the shortcut to my heart. Love traveling. Music is life, especially anything from the 60’s to late 90’s, love rock music and playing the guitar. Absolutely love water swimming at the beach or in a pool or even sitting by a lake. Social activist, no-nonsense guy who has a soft spot for animals especially dogs who also appreciates fine art and intellectual people, physical features aside, a strong mind will definitely turn me on. I’m a selective introvert, half the people I know, know me as quiet and shy, the other half know me as loud and open. Keep it simple, genuine and friendly and we’ll be great friends.