Tude Bistro, Porvorim

‘Tude Bistro, Porvorim

Porvorim is fast growing into one of Goa’s busiest and fastest growing towns. When you’re spoilt for choice with the number of restaurants and cafes opening across the length and breadth of Porvorim it’s quite often easy to miss out on some really good ones. One of them is definitely Tude’ Bistro. This hidden gem is located on the Chogm Road, behind Pilerne Supermarket. As you head towards Sangolda you’ll see a lane on your right near Pilerne Supermarket and around 100 meters from there you’ll find yourself at the Bistro’s doorstep. As you enter you’ll immediately notice the comfortable set up outside with a big wooden table and bench and a few smaller individual tables for those that want to experience the vibe of the bistro along with some fresh air. For those that opt to go inside, you’ll be treated to an even cozier ambiance with a modern set up and plush interiors. Peaceful and rather quiet with light music in the background, you may even be greeted by Tude’s lovely owner, Mrs. Nivedita.

An advertising professional in Mumbai, Nivedita decided to move back and settle in Goa but this time with the intention of pursuing her passion and here opening her own Restro Bar here in Goa in the second half of last year. The Bistro initially started with some breakfast combos, a couple of starters, snacks and sandwiches along with a few main course dishes and fresh juices and shakes but has now completely turned over a new leaf for 2018 and has decided by adding a wide range of local as well as Goan main course dishes to their menu along with a few Mumbai inspired items from her time spent there and of course with the addition of alcohol to their arsenal you can now enjoy your meals with a beer or a refreshing cocktail any given time.

I first started with their American breakfast which featured a lovely double egg omelette, two sausages, pork bacon, sautéed potatoes and two slices of toast. The breakfast plate is also accompanied by a bowl of muesli and milk topped with sliced banana and a bowl of fresh fruits along with a cup of tea or coffee. At 300 rupees the meal was quite filling and could easily be shared by 2 people and definitely gave you value for your money.

They also have the option of Indian breakfast which includes a bunch of stuffed parathas with curd from chicken to prawn to veg. I sampled the aloo paratha that was once again stayed true to their wonderful consistency in great portions and servings. ‘Tude Bistro also serves a wide range of sandwiches which I would consider to be one of their strengths. Their sandwiches are hearty, wholesome and delicious. Nivedita has definitely brought back some glimpses of Mumbai with most of the sandwiches on the menu.

However, I decided to stick with a classic for that day and that was the Club Sandwich with its layers of chicken breast, cold cuts, veggies, cheese and egg and served with a portion of fries, great portions and quite filling, a good rendition of a club sandwich all in all. The great thing about ‘Tude Bistro is that they have just as many veg options as they do non-veg. I’ve sampled a few sandwiches before and they were all great. I also highly recommend you try their Signature Sandwiches like The Ultimate or the BBQ Chicken as they’re all really great. They also have an Indian breakfast section which features breakfast parathas stuffed with veggies or meat. I tried the aloo paratha with raita. I then decided to try their burgers but again, instead of going for the traditional meaty route, for today I decided to try a Fresh and Green House Special burger which is a delicious veg burger with a large veg cutlet filled with  green peas, spinach, green beans and other green vegetables (hence the name, Fresh n Green Burger) and in a toasted bun served with fries.


To accompany this first round of breakfast and sandwiches I enjoyed a cup of strong Americano and a steaming cup of thick, hot chocolate. They also gave me a chance to try their cutting chai which is quite the trend across India right now. The whole concept behind cutting chai is to basically cut the quantity in half which makes it easier for you to have at least 2-3 cups a day. The tea is also quite flavourful as it heavily laden with spices and/or herbs. The only one issue I had was the cutting chai I got here was 70% full and in a bigger glass than the usual but Hey, I sure wouldn’t complain about something extra!


After a quick break, we now move on to the newly introduced additions on the menu and what looks to be the mainstay here at ‘Tude Bistro and that is their main course items and meals. A few Goan classics like Chicken Cafreal with Poi, Fish Curry Rice, Chicken Curry with rice and Chicken Xacuti with poi are some of the new items that you can enjoy at the new and improved ‘Tude Bistro. While their brand new thalis are what they consider to be special here. Which again, makes more sense since they’ve now got the permission to serve alcohol and cocktails and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your meal with a chilled bottle of beer or maybe a glass of scotch?


Due to the lack of fresh fish during monsoon, I wasn’t able to taste their Fish thali and instead to make up for it decided to taste both, their chicken and veg meals/thalis. First up was the chicken meal that came with a bowl of rice, a chicken curry, salad, a dry vegetable dish and a portion of crispy rawa fried chicken. This was then followed by the veg thali that featured rice, salad, two vegetable dishes, one gravy and one dry, rotis, papad and raita. Both meals were served a refreshing glass of sol kadi (kokum juice) and a complimentary glass of beer, which is an offer that will be running till the end of September. I did like both but would opt for the veg thali especially for the varied flavors and the slight extra choice of items. Post thali, I was treated to some freshly squeezed juices. Two vibrant glasses, one filled with fresh pineapple juice and the other with a watermelon juice.


A few quick sips later, I was immediately on to my next round of dishes, this time with seafood and a slight inclination to the local side as well. First up were the delicious prawn stuffed papads, 10 pieces of fried papad rolled and stuffed with a delicious prawn filling and served with sauce. This was then followed by another prawn based dish which was a take on a Goan classic and that was a Prawn Vindaloo. A nice thick vindaloo packed with sharp flavors served with slices of local poi, the appearance was quite rustic too.


The final part of the meal ended on a sweet note, as most meals should. A signature kit kat shake and a Sunday brownie with ice cream are what followed after that huge main course. First up came the Kit Kat shake which was I was surprised to see arriving in a glass pitcher and for Rs.230 looked like quite the bargain. Personally though, growing up in Abu Dhabi and eating the kit kat there, when you try the kit kat in India its a totally different thing and for me, I’m not that huge a fan of the Indian Kit-Kat, the shake was pretty decent though. Maybe a bit light compared to the usual shakes in Goa but that can be a good thing because I’m not that keen on these overloaded, sugary shakes. This one was light and refreshing.


‘Tude Bistro is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy a good meal and now with the addition of alcohol, that will make sure your experience has elevated a notch or two higher. The addition of Alcohol to the newly introduced menu and the recruitment of local Goan housewives who’ll be preparing the food will deliver a new and improved experience and ‘Tude Bistro seems super eager to get the word out and host all of you. Be sure to follow their facebook page to keep track of all their weekly discounts and offerings. The Bistro is open from (date and time). ‘Tude Bistro is also open to collaborating with budding musicians, stand-up comedians and any sort of live performance artists who would like to use their bistro as a platform to promote their talents. For details on collaborations or if you know anyone who might benefit from the same. Feel free to use the below details to contact them for any inquiries. ‘Tude is open from 11 am to 3:30 pm and in the evenings from 7 pm onwards, however, they are closed on Mondays.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/qtj3q2WimdF2

Social Media: https: //www.facebook.com/caffetudebistrogoa/

Contact Details: +91 9867366671 / +91 8779692306









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