Stir Frydays at Hyatt Place, Candolim


The Hyatt Place in Candolim has devised a lovely themed Pan Asian themed buffet-dinner which will take place every Friday at the 24/7 Gallery Café from 7 pm to 11 pm. The Hotel was kind enough to invite me to last Friday’s edition of STIR FRYDAYS. The Hyatt Place Goa property was certainly stunning, to say the least. A lot of intricate detailing and work has gone into making the hotel look like the aesthetically pleasing place that is. A constant flow and design with hints of their trademark wire sculptures all around the area of the hotel ensure an appealing setup for people to gaze at.


The buffet is set up at the well-spaced 24/7, Gallery Café. Which includes access to the live grill station, an Asian salad bar, kimchi bar, soup section, momo section, main course section and a dessert counter, not forgetting your complimentary welcome mocktail drink.



I started my buffet with a trial of everything at the Live counter, on that particular day The Hyatt Place had 3 items on offer. Seafood Sugarcane Lollipops which were minced fish, prawns, and squid marinated and pressed onto a piece of sugarcane before being put on the grill. The taste of fresh seafood with that slight essence of the sugarcane definitely made this one my favorite of the lot. They also had a lemongrass chicken lollipop on a stick and grilled curried cottage cheese satay, a lovely, fragrant lamb patty marinated in chili, kaffir lime and lemongrass and a pineapple tofu satay that featured grilled tofu and pineapple. The grills were served with a peanut sauce which was ideally for the chicken and cottage cheese skewers and a chili fish sauce that would complement the seafood lollipops. Here’s a cool tip for you ambitious people like myself, I decided to mix the tangy and salty chili fish sauce with the very nutty and thick peanut sauce and the result was delicious. Surprisingly my ambitious experiment went well with all 3 items from the live counter. A Chinese Chili Fish Peanut sauce? Try it if you dare!


Jokes aside, I then moved on to the Asian salad bar. However, before I go ahead, I must give a shout-out to the excellent service I received during the dinner from the staff which was great to see considering it was a buffet format, in which you usually have to fend for yourself. In this case, though, the staff was more than happy to help in any way possible, right from getting food to your table and serving you as well as suggesting some great cocktails and making your night an easy and pleasurable one. So moving on to the salad bar, there was a great spread of salads that included a pickled raw papaya salad with a nam jim dressing, a spicy glass noodles salad and a poached fish with Asian greens and Nuoc Cham dressing, a chili and kaffir lime minced chicken salad and a tofu and sprout salad with a tangy barbecue dressing. Being a salad lover I had to sample all of the salads on offer and my favorites of the lot were the raw papaya salad with the sour and tangy Nam Jim dressing which is a Thai sauce and the poached fish salad with the Nuoc Cham dressing.

The Kimchi Bar featured 4 different types of kimchis. The commonly found and loved cabbage followed by a raddish kimchi, a pickled cucumber kimchi and a bamboo shoot kimchi. The soup counter featured a Tom Yung Koong and a Hot & Sour vegetable soup. Now there’s no soup I love more than a Tom Yum, the tom yum always has been and always will be my favorite soup. Just the thought of that fragrant, spicy and sour sip of soup never fails to leave me salivating. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the time to try it on this occasion but if you drop please do try it out and leave a comment below on your thoughts.

If you do happen to drop by for the Pan Asian buffet do try their wide range of cocktails as well. I tried a Frozen Mango Basil Margarita and a classic Whisky Sour. For those of you that don’t drink alcohol, no need to worry as there is a complimentary welcome mocktail also included as part of the buffet. Cranberry and Litchi with chili, fennel seeds, and lemongrass. Fragrant and an initially sweet followed by a slightly spicy taste.


The main course section was a preceded by a small section that had stacks of bamboo dim-sum steamers which contained steamed chicken and vegetable momos.


After filling my plate with momos I proceeded to the Wok Fry’d Mains area which featured a wide array of main course dishes. The dishes on display were Chili Garlic Fried rice, Veg Hakka noodles, steamed rice along with 3 meat dishes; stir Fried Chicken in Lemon Coriander sauce, Lamb Massaman curry and a sweet and sour fish along with a veg dishes like wok tosses Chinese vegetables in garlic sauce and a Fried Eggplant and Tofu in a honey Sriracha sauce. I don’t have a lot of pictures to show you of the main course as it was a buffet but I’ve attached a few pictures of the spread below. A good balance of veg and non-veg dishes, I enjoyed the main course and you will certainly will too. But remember to leave some space for the dessert. Well, in this case, a lot of space actually, since the Hyatt Place has prepared not one or two but five different desserts on show for the finale of your meal.


I made sure I left enough of space to try everything on the dessert counter and my favorites were the mango pudding with coconut cream and the Chilled sago melon soup. I love Mango and I love anything with coconut, so naturally, I loved the pudding. The Chilled Sago melon soup was as the title says ‘chilled’ and hence had a more pudding-like consistency than the soupy texture, it was a filled with sago (also known as Tapioca Pearls) on the inside and topped with bits of fresh melon. They also featured a Pandan Flan with salted caramel, a Caramelized Banana Pudding and a Green Tea pound cake. The Pandan leaf is actually a fragrant leaf grown in Southeast Asia and used in many applications in savory dishes like wrapping chicken and other meats as well as in sweet cases like in the preparation of desserts. The Pandan infused flan was also pretty interesting.




So yeah, that was my take on The Hyatt Place’s Stir Fryday Pan-Asian themed buffet dinner that takes place every Friday from 7 pm to 11 pm and yes, since today’s Friday you’ve still got the time to give them a call at +9130064609 / +918327161234 and book your table for tonight. For all you Asian food lovers as well as those of you yearning for a love night out and a scrumptious dinner, don’t miss this one. The Stir Frydays promo will run until the 13th of October, so you have this Friday and next Friday to give it a try.

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