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The monsoon season, which has been sort of erratic this season, is still under way. But for ice-cream lovers like myself, it doesn’t matter what season it is, any time is ice cream time. Consuming ice cream during the monsoon season is a bit tough yet funny because we have to sit and listen to the big lectures that our concerned mothers give us, knowing that we’re gonna defy them anyway. Now, we don’t really have much variety when it comes to eating ice-cream here in Goa, unless of course, you are ready to explore a bit deeper into places like Anjuna, Morjim and a few places down South where you can find homemade gelato and different variants of ice cream. However, we still don’t have or should I say did not have a place that’s different from the traditional ice cream parlours and franchises. That’s where iBaco comes in.

ibaco goa

The newly opened iBaco store which is one of 120 similar stores located all acorss India, is very conveniently located in a prominent part of Miramar, close to the capital, Panjim.  The shop is located just after the Volkswagen showroom and before The Oak Barrel, on the Bandodkar road en route to Miramar beach. The store which is a product of Hatsun Agro Pvt.Ltd serves your traditional ice cream in a rather different, contemporary style. They have a wide range of items from ice creams, sundaes, signature cones, ice creams bars to unique items like ice cream cakes and pizzas. Yes, you had that right, Ice cream pizzas. The parlour also has over 36 exotic flavours of Ice cream to choose from which include, fruity flavours, chocolate flavours, combined flavours and more. Creativity is encouraged here as you are allowed to fully customize your ice cream bars, sundaes and more. Right from the cone, to the toppings and so much more. One of the coolest features of iBaco is that you pay for your ice cream by the weight, regardless of the flavours, toppings and cone.

So to begin with, I decided to go for a fruity flavour. iBaco has such a wide range of flavours, that will probably take you a while to choose one. It definitely took me a couple of minutes. I tasted a couple of flavours like electric blackcurrant, Italian wonder, cappuccino, and a few more. I finally decided to go with Peach and Strawberry Duet which was a peach based ice cream with a peach fruit crush and hints of strawberry sauce. I loved how the flavour rolled off the tongue very easily and didn’t feel too artificial like most ice creams these days, the combination also went together really well. The next step was to choose a cone and unlike most places iBaco once again had quite a variety to choose from. There was the classic waffle cone, the choco dipped cone, the choco dipped cone with nuts around it, a blackcurrant cone and a chocolate cone that was entirely made out of chocolate. The blackcurrant cone looked very appealing and was something I haven’t tried before so I decided to go ahead with it.


We then moved on to the toppings. Since it was a fruity flavour I decided to make sure the toppings complemented the flavour and didn’t mask the existing taste. Believe it or not there were well over 20 different kinds of toppings that you could choose from and that was pretty crazy. From nuts to sprinkles, to raisins and wafers and also other toppings like dried blueberries, red cherries, fruit preserves and a lot of fruit based sauces.  I decieded to go with strawberry sauce and dried bluberries, simple and fruity, staying true to the flavour I picked.


The ice cream was weighed and then ready for me to feast on. There it was, a peach and strawberry duet ice cream in a blackcurrant cone with dried blueberries and strawberry sauce topped with a waffle fan in all its magnificent glory.

 I also decided to try another non-fruit flavour of ice cream and decided to go for a carribean almond fudge flavor in a chocolate cone with double chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and a hazelnut wafer stick.

iBaco also has customizable ice cream bars which you have to pick a pre-flavored bar, coat it in chocolate sauce and then customize it with toppings of your choice


The final feature of iBaco is that they also make ice cream cakes which are combinations of their classic ice cream flavours with freshly baked sponge cake topped garnished with a mix of toppings. The cakes if kept refrigerated (Not in the freezer) can remain for 30 minutes before starting to melt. The cakes also come in a cool packaging,(literally) creatively surrounded by 4 frozen gel packs that ensure the cake can stay cool for longer than usual. The guys were kind enough to give me a cake to take home and sample that I enjoyed very much. They were three cakes on display a butterscotch almond amore, a mango lychee medley, a dark chocolate cake and a swiss choco symphony, which was the cake that was given to me. The Swiss Choco Symphony cake was a blend of rich milk and white chocolate coated ice cream with dual coloured chocolate chips encircling it.



Ice Cream Cake Goa
Swiss Choco Symphony Cake
Ice cream cake
Mango Lychee Medley ice cream cake

Credits: Hatsunagropvtltd youtube channel

They also serve ice cream pizzas, which look pretty cool but unfortunately, I didn’t get the time to try it out. I’ve clicked a picture anyway, so if you guys do drop by let me know how you liked it.


So yeah, this was a fun experience. Remember you pay for ice cream by the weight, which comes up to around Rs.95/- for 100 grams (after tax), while cakes can go anywhere from Rs.499/- to around Rs.1500/- depending on the size (6 servings or 10 servings) and flavor. Do drop by and give iBaco try. It certainly is frozen art that you can eat!

Here’s the location on Google Maps: iBaco, Miramar-Goa

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