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Sweet Treats

Our White Door is a family-run, catering business started by Fernando and Griselda Monte Da Silva. Fernando, who is a self-taught food and beverage expert that has travelled the world and tells his food related stories through his blog along with his wife Griselda who is also an avid foodie and a chef by profession. Together they certainly to do make the perfect combo and this certainly shows in their food. Our White Door offers bite size desserts as well as savory treats for all kinds of events parties. Their food draws inspiration from traditional and age-old recipes, while they add their own contemporary twist to it. Our White Door also emphasizes a lot on using fresh, homemade and many a times, homegrown ingredients in their elegantly crafted menu. I was super excited when I got a message that I would be receiving a box of their desserts to sample. ”The Classics Box” as it was called, was a box filled with 14 bite size samples of some classic desserts, specially crafted by them. I’m sure you’re as excited to go through each and everyone of them as I was , so without any delays, let’s dive right in! 
Classic Double Chocolate Cupcake
First up, we begin with the Double Chocolate Cupcake, a chocolate flavored sponge cupcake topped with gooey chocolate ganache. So simple, yet so delicious and packed with chocolate just as the name reads.
Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese 
There quite a number of decent red velvet cakes and cupcakes in Goa, but these days a lot of red velvet cakes are just red colored sponge cakes. Traditionally, red velvet cakes are not sponge cakes and are shortening based cakes which fluff up differently compared to traditional sponge cakes. Here, Our White Door ensure you that they make no compromises on their red velvet cupcake and only promise you the real deal topped with a less sweeter and denser cream cheese frosting.
Peanut Butter Cupcake
On to the next one, this rich little wonder is called a peanut butter cupcake and is a peanut butter based cupcake that’s profusely topped with chunky peanut butter. A soft cupcake, creamy and rich peanut butter along with the crunch of the little bits of peanut, this one was a real joy to eat.
Pastel de Nata
A Portuguese classic, you’d typically see this in a couple of very traditional Goan catholic homes during a feast day or special occasion, one can also find it in some untouched, vintage style bakeries in Goa. Pastel de Nata literally translates to Pastry of Cream. It is a sweet egg based tart that is made primarily using egg yolks and man, did it have the perfect balance of flavors and textures. A great rendition of the classic dessert.
Old School Lemon Tartlet 
My favorite of the lot. A simple lemon tartlet, nothing fancy, but oh my did it pack a punch! The tangy flavor and the zing of the fresh lemons used just shine right through the tart, leaving a lingering taste in your mouth and your heart begging you to bite into another one. Fresh and homemade, just how I like it. The lemons used in this tart were handpicked from their very own backyard.
Orange Marmalade Brownie
Chocolate goes well with a lot of things. It may be debatable but chocolate and orange may be one of the best combinations out there. A lot of you guys may have tried chocolates infused with orange peel from popular brands Cadbury or Lindtt. This was a whole other level, the soft chocolate brownie was topped a whole layer of delicious and dense orange marmalade with bits of orange peel in it. The combo of the moist chocolate brownie with the rich marmalade was absolutely sinful.
Chocolate and Almond Tartlet 
A great combo once again, which was a tartlet that had a choco-almond infused filling and was decorated with a bit of almond powder and a crunchy almond. Once again, simple but delicious.
Red Velvet Brownie
The perfect blend of two classic favorites, a red velvet cake and brownie. Why choose, when Our White Door can give you the best of both worlds in one beautiful package. Again, moist, rich and tasty. No compromise on quality for this one, take a bite and you’ll certainly realize you’re getting nothing less than you’re money’s worth.
French Vanilla Cupcake with Butter Cream frosting
The simple difference in what makes a French Vanilla different from the regular Vanilla, is the inclusion of egg-yolks in the mix to give it a more rich and smoother taste. This can also be observed in the slightly yellow-ish color of the cupcake in the picture below. The cupcake was really good, especially with the butter cream frosting and that crunch element from the corn flake.
Salted Caramel Tartlet
​This tartlet was made using cocoa infused pastry topped with a lovely salted caramel filling and a hint of dark chocolate. So good and sweet with that slight touch of saltiness to balance the flavour, biting into it felt like the ultimate sin. A sin that’s totally worth committing of course!
Southern Profiterole 
Consuming this profiterole in one go felt like popping a tiny little flavor bomb right into my mouth. A light choux pastry ball filled with creme patisserie and topped with chocolate, these trio of flavors and textures were an absolute delight to gobble up. A classic dessert that received its due justice.
Coffee and Mocha Cupcake
Being a downright disciple of coffee and a dessert lover, this seemed like a match made in heaven for me. The taste and subtle scent of coffee was a winner for me. The best part was the taste of the coffee in the cupcake as well as the espresso infused ganache were not too overpowering and strong and just the right amount.
Creamy Mango Tartlet
While lemon tarts and apple tarts are famous worldwide, Our White Door decided to pay homage to the king of fruits and a summer, Goan favorite: The Mango. As soon as you bite in to this tart, that freshness from the mango hits you hard. It’s just like eating a creamier, smoother version of a fresh mango and that’s what makes it so great, usually a lot of tarts in Goa don’t give you that authentic, natural fruit, taste. Here’s one that breaks the norm.
Double Chocolate Brownie 
Finally we end with the double chocolate brownie. The chocolate brownie was surprisingly moist as most of the time brownies here in Goa are only moist when made fresh or eaten soon after they are taken out of the oven. I received this box probably 2-3 hours after everything was made and was pleasantly surprised, I’m not quite sure how they managed to keep it that way, but again this was a hit! Filled with walnuts and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache, it truly did look to good to eat.
All in all, I really enjoyed every single dessert that was included in the box. You could really see that there was a lot of effort and passion put into each item in the box and I love when you can feel the love that a chef puts into their food, just through taste. My 5 favorite desserts from the lot would be:
1) Old School Lemon Tart
2) Coffee and Mocha Cupcake
3) Southern Profiterole
4) Peanut Butter Cupcake
5) Orange Marmalade Brownie
I honestly liked them all, but these 5 would have to be my personal stand-outs and must try items (in no particular order) out of the 14 items. It was a real pleasure sampling these wonderful little desserts and I strongly recommend you guys consider Our White Door for your dessert and snack requirements for any kind of event you have coming up. I can definitely vouch for their quality and your money’s worth. What are you waiting for? Head on to their page now:  https://www.facebook.com/ourwhitedoor/

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