Goencho Pao Festival, O Coqueiro, Porvorim-Goa


Goencho Pao Burger Festival

It seems like the colored bun burger trend is fast catching up and everyone wants to try their own take on colored bun burgers, however here at Coqueiro they’ve decided to change things up by not only introducing some different colors but also adding a local twist to the burgers. So I decided to head on down to O Coqueiro and try out their new Goencho Pao burger promotion which begins today.
You have a choice of 4 colored buns here. Red, Black, Orange, Green and Yellow. You have 4 different filling options, Chicken, Beef, Goan pork sausages (Chorizo) and vegetables. Finally you have to pick a goan style preparation for your filling from Cafreal, Recheado, Vindaloo or Peri Peri. I first decided to try a yellow bun burger with a cafreal chicken filling. Each burger comes with fries and coleslaw and is priced at around Rs.325 inclusive of tax. The burger was filled with a chicken mince patty that was cooked and smothered in Cafreal gravy and I liked it, it was pretty decent. The yellow color was not very bright and dominant but it did have that noticeable yellow, all in all a pretty decent burger, I enjoyed the cafreal element to it.
Next up I decided to go for a green bun burger with a beef in peri-peri sauce filling. The green color looked super appealing and supper attractive, if you have the right lighting the burger would certainly be a hit on your social media accounts. Anyway, now down to the taste. The filling was a beef mince patty that was cooked in a peri-peri gravy which was more reminiscent of a goan vindaloo/recheado gravy than the traditional peri-peri sauce and besides that I didn’t enjoy the beef burger that much. Of course, opinions may differ for two people as likes and preferences aren’t the same. Maybe you could say that I’m so used eating different kinds of beef burgers, that beef burgers are very close to my heart and I expect that certain kind of standard in each beef burger I eat, especially when it costs Rs.300 and above. But yeah, this wasn’t my kind of beef burger. The bun was the star here.
If I had to choose between the two I would definitely prefer the chicken cafreal burger and that being said, chicken burgers don’t usually triumph over beef burgers in my books. I will definitely return to try the goan pork sausage burgers, because who doesn’t love sausage bread! The burger promo is on from today (7/14/17) and Coqueiro is also open till 4 am. So do drop by and let me know how your thoughts on these burgers.