Foxes Fiesta, Saligao-Goa


A New Fox in Town


 Greetings, hope you enjoyed my first post, thanks for all the feedback I appreciate it!
So most of the people who know me don’t know where I’m from, so my both my parents are from Saligao, which makes me a Saligaokar. Today I want to talk to you about a restaurant in Saligao that started out as an experiment more than a year ago, but now a regular joint for familly dinners/lunches. The reason behind the title of this post is when you think Saligao, theres two things that will come to mind immediately and thats our beautiful church and of course Florentines. When it comes to eating at Saligao theres just one name at the tip of your tongues and why not? They’ve build a reputation for themselves, a true rags to riches story, have been in the hearts of Saligaokars and Goans alike and of course put Saligao on the map along with various other establishments, events and famous people. But nestled along the main road just before the tiny road that takes you in to the lane to Florentine’s is the new fox in town, slowly building a reputation for itself and establishing it self as one of North Goa’s finest restaurants and rightly so.They’ve got 98 perfect 5 out of 5 reviews, 30 4 out of 5 reviews out of 134 total reviews on tripadvisor, which is absolutely amazing and which is what landed them the tripadvisor certificate of exellence. The restaurant is owned by Savio Corriea and Britton D’Souza both who were trainees under one of Goa’s most famous Chef, Urbano Rego at the Taj group of Hotels and and later both worked abroad in UK are unlike most other owners, they are very friendly and love to chat up with their customers for reviews and how they can better their food. We decided to eat here after having a look at tripadvisor and man, we have absolutely no regrets. The ambience of the place is simple and not over the top but even the simple is very well done, you can feel the real vibes of the place if you come to eat in the night, the low lighting, ample sitting area, the bar, the garden and the breeze from the Saligao fields, the hustle and bustle of the road on one side and the calm of the restaurant on the other.  From the Goan Chef challenge awards that were won by Chef Savio on the bar counter to the walls donned with the photos of Savio and Briston with Masterchef India winner and celebrity chef Vikas Khanna and also with the Masterchef UK judges (Yes these people have actually eaten at Foxes Fiesta) everything screams about their passion and dedication towards food and in the end thats what matters, when you put love into your food, people will love your food.So now to the food, Foxes Fiesta is basically a fusion of Goan and International food. Traditional dishes as well as modern remakes. As soon as you have a seat you will be greeted by one of the pleasant waiters at Foxes Fiesta and served a plate of Masala Papads on the house. The Roast Mediterranean chicken salad is a must try, an entire breast of chicken grilled to perfection sitting on a bed of grilled and diced capsicums, eggplant, mushrooms, onions and other veggies along with cherry tomatoes and olives. A family favorite, that dish. A few other snacks I would recommend are the tempura fried squids and prawns, batter fried very well and served with tartare sauce, the rawa fried mussels, great prawn/chicken cesar salads, the squids in butter garlic sauce, the goan sausage bruschetta which is a goan twist on a classic italian dish. Slices of Baugette bread topped with goan pork sausage with cheese and olives. The lolipops are also a a classic family favorite anywhere and shouldn’t be any different here. Coming over to the main dishes, they have a wide array of goan food and intercontinental food. The roast chicken in BBQ sauce is something I haven’t personally tasted but my friend Shruti considered it as her favourite dish when she visited and I trust her tastebuds enough to tell you to try it too. Something that is constantly incorporated and mentioned everywhere including at the beginning of their menu is the King Prawns in Coriander sauce which is the chef’s speicalty something that was learnt when the chefs were under Urbano Rego at the Taj. The lemon coriander was a real punch of taste to the mouth, slightly sour, creamy, strong taste of coriander with juicy prawns and well accompanied with salad and fries, again a must try. I also forgot to mention that every single dish is accompanied by salad on a bed of lettuce and fries (in most dishes).  Another great dish was the chili garlic beef. Imagine the chili chicken gravy, imagine the butter garlic gravy. Now imagine putting those two together and replacing the chicken with beef. Thats what is, the taste was amazing and took me back into time to my childhood of a similar tasting dish I used to have in Abu Dhabi from a chinese joint called Panda-Panda. They also have a dish called cheesy fries, if you like fries and if you like cheese, this dish is one of my favorites and I always enjoy this, definitely one of the best cheese fries I’ve had in Goa. Cheese, cheese and more cheese, its the perfect combo. They also have great fish and prawn curry rice combos and thalis and loads of fresh seafood. They also do a pretty mean steak, served with mushroom or pepper sauce, french fries or mashed potato and grilled vegetables. The sauces are pretty powerful and got that slight salty kick to them, but I love salty. Also the mushroom sauce has a slight resemblance to mushroom flavored cup-a-soup which again I absoutely love. There’s a lot of dishes I can talk about but all these mentioned above are some of my favorites.They’ve also got a pretty kick-ass dessert line up all of which I’ve tried. The famous goan-portuguese classic Serradura , another classic the caramel pudding, sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, fresh, hot, homemade rainbow colored bebinca served with chocolate sauce, dark chocolate panacotta with orange infused vodka sauce and finally their special banaoffe pie which is a pie fusion of bannana and caramel infused with pecan nuts and topped with whipped cream, a real winner this one.

After reading the review and seeing these appealing pictures I wouldn’t be surprised if you want to head on down to the place right away. Foxes Fiesta oozes class all over. From the amout of hardwork and love they put in to their food to their friendly attitude and great service. Each dish is presented very well, that along with the consistency they offer makes you feels as if you’re in some 5 star hotel and the best part of it all is the prices are really really resaonable and after eating you’ll certainly be surprised that you made ‘only that much’ for ‘so much’.  Foxes Fiesta is an all day diner, they are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. They are located in Saligao just before the Indian Oil petrol pump, so now next time you pass by make sure you drop by and have a bite, also don’t feel shy to have a chat with Savio or Briston.